PESTLE Analysis: Singapore Airlines

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Introduction The identification of an organisation’s strategic decision is an important aspect of ensuring effective planning and development of the organisation. The process remains vital as a strategy influences the development of a clear understanding of the organisation’s position relating to both external and internal environments. The process encourages the development of effective planning for the future through proper identification of objectives, allocation of resources and creation of a project plan aimed at achieving the set objectives (Andersen, 2007). Through the conduction of a PESTLE analysis, the organisation can identify factors within (Internal factors) the organisation that affect operations and factors outside the…show more content…
Singapore airlines limited identify a limited liability company established in the Republic of Singapore. The company remains listed on the Singapore exchange securities trading limited and remains a subsidiary of Temasek holding limited. The main activities of the group include passenger and cargo air transportation, the provision of engineering services, pilot training, air charters together with tour wholesaling. The airline seeks to develop its service and operations through the integration of different strategies aimed at developing its activities in the global markets. The company has influenced the development of a large network spanning six continents, which has expanded its reach and growth within the global market. Through the development of the Singapore Girl brand, the airline has sought to develop a strong strategy that places emphasis upon customer relationship management. The brand has propelled the company’s growth within the local and global markets. Through the continued integration of innovations, the airline has developed into a market leader as it enhanced the development of innovations that enhance the level of efficiency experienced by the customers (Singapore Airlines,

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