PHI2604 income distribution Essay

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Patricia Pupo
Professor Matthew Sang
PHI 2604
26 November 2014
Income Distribution
This essay will discuss if current income distribution has a negative impact in the society because of the inequality that exists. What is income distribution? It is how a national income is split between different groups. Rights theory worries as the name says it, about people rights, and action is good if it respects the people’s rights. There are two kinds of rights, positive and negative. The first one relates to the right that people have to entitlements, is also known as Welfare (food, shelter, healthcare). The second one is negative rights, it is associated with the right that a person has not be subjected to an action from another group or person.
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The inequality of income distribution does not fit well with rights theory since the goal of the second one is equality. All citizens should have same opportunity. People join a society because they need protection and help.
Another philosophical theory is egoism that states that since people live from their minds which is independents therefore they should act in their own self-interest. There are two kinds physiological that says that people should do what they want and ethical suggest that they do things in self-interest.
Egoist does not sacrifice himself for others and does not sacrifice others for himself since that is the basis of this theory we can resume that the inequality of income distribution goes well with this theory. No one is responsible for no one, because if they are, they would be living like parasite.” The average pay of a CEO in a major corporation was $11.9 million in 2000.” (Shaw,144) and a McDonalds employee is $18,890, if we were to compare those two salaries from a egoistic point of view they both deserve what they have accomplish because they work independently, it does not matter how unequal the distribution of the income is.
Many associates income distribution with social inequality and see it as a bad thing, from the egotistical point of view is good, individuals get to thrive because they set their goals and derive their
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