PLFSOM Personal Statement

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While I was an undergraduate student at the University of Texas, several of the things I deeply enjoyed were taking interesting classes that did not pertain to my degree plan and entering these courses with an open mind. Some of these courses I genuinely enjoyed were Spanish, Middle Eastern Studies, and Literature of Renaissance Florence. My interest in applying to PLFSOM is similar to taking these liberal arts courses. Because PLFSOM is situated on the US/Mexico border, I will have the opportunity to immerse myself into another culture while focusing on medicine at the same time.

Furthermore, I am huge advocate for diversity, and I am always on board to learn about another culture. As a fellow Texan, I believe it is our utmost duty to learn more about our neighboring country’s culture since much of it has influenced Texas culture as well.
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Seeing how other schools begin their clinical sciences during the third year, I am excited to see that medical students at PLFSOM dive right into the clinical sciences during their first year. By participating through active learning and integrating the curriculum with the clinical aspect, it will promote my ability to retain and learn complicated concepts. Everyone learns differently, and for me, this has been the most successful route during my undergraduate
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