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Case Study - Premium Oil and Gas Premium Oil and Gas (POG) is the Dutch holding company of one of the world’s largest petroleum and gas groups. The organisation employs over 80,000 staff in 80 countries and is best known to the general public through its 25,000 service stations. POG’s main activities are the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, together with the marketing, supply and transportation of these products. The company earns revenues of around £100 billion per annum based on its daily production of two million barrels of crude oil and eight billion cubic feet of natural gas, plus daily sales of six million barrels of refined products. Over 90 per cent of POG’s executives are Dutch nationals, of whom…show more content…
Other areas for active recruitment include drilling, commercial, health, safety and environment, public relations and human resources. Interviewed recently for the company magazine, Dr Woodhouse explained how one option for POG Azerbaijan would have been to rely on experienced expatriates to do the whole job, but that was not POG’s way. Her focus, she said, was on the recruitment of nationals, who could be developed so that they can ultimately manage the operation. Right now, 40 Azeri employees were undergoing technical training at POG’s development centre in the Netherlands. For one thing, she continued, it costs considerably more to bring expatriates to Azerbaijan and it was important to employ those who understand the local environment, who know how to get things done. This fitted in with the company’s belief in recruiting the best-possible staff to plan, build and operate the platforms and pipelines. A constant concern, however, was that Azeri standards were currently well below international standards on health and safety, in spite of considerable company investment in health and safety training. This is unacceptable position for POG, operating as it does in a highly dangerous industry that is at the centre of the media’s spotlight. Secondly, recruitment and selection is a key function to employ the ‘best of Azerbaijan’s well-educated

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