POS 421 Week 1

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Server Roles for Installing Windows Server R2 (Option 1) POS/421 October 21st, 2013 Robert E. Singer When it comes to installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, there are many different server roles that this software operating system has to offer. The first one is Active Directory Certificate Services and Active Directory Domain Services. Active Directory is a huge component when it comes to a server. This service has all the information about all of the users, the computers, and any other device that is connected to the network. The Active Directory assists IT professionals with being able to manage all of this information, and allows them to be able to facilitate any sharing that is going on between any…show more content…
Whether it is for marketing, work, or business development, using the IIS role allows the computer to communicate with these functions that may be needed on a daily basis for the business to function properly. For Kudler Fine Foods, I would definitely integrate the Active Directory components, so that each user will have a login to their computer and be assigned rights to what they need to do to perform their job. I would also integrate an application server role, so that they can perform a functions that they need to do, such as any point of sale program. I would also integrate a DHCP and DNS server role, so that their machines are able to be automatically assigned an IP address, and be able to connect to the network. If the company uses Fax services, which I’m sure that they do, I would incorporate that as well so that outside vendors or other manufacturers could fax them when it is required. I would also incorporate file services, because I’m sure that the employees would have documents on the server that they would need to access on a daily basis, and need to be updated to keep information up to date. I would also incorporate Hyper-V technology. Using this technology the company could have multiple servers in one physical box, saving time and resources for the company. I would definitely be applying print and document services, because for a company that sells

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