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“The Seafarer” Questions Answer the following questions on another piece of paper in complete sentences using no unidentified pronouns. Responding 1. Do you agree that “Fate is stronger….than any man’s mind?” Why or why not? I believe this to be true for the simple fact that fate is already pre-determined, something that you cannot change. A mans mind is always undecided and, lost for a way to go but fate is unparralled in its decisiveness. A mans mind is far weaker than fate making this a viable statement. Recalling 2. What are three images the poet uses in lines 1-57 to convey his sense of isolation? - “fettered by cold were my feet”. - “the hunger tears from within, my weary soul”. - “Where then cares seethed hot…show more content…
What contrast is implied in lines 80 through 102? In Lines 80-102 there is a contrast of the past to the present. Stating that, once there were men with values who stood for a noble cause and would not fall for the sins of the world. But now, man has grown weak born without value and live in the sin of the world. 8. What does the poet mean by the word home in line 117? By home the poet means going on to be with the lord one day. Applying 9. Explain how a person can dislike something as much as the sailor dislikes the sea and yet keep going back to it. I would describe this as a fatal attraction. Although the sea causes him pain and eternal loneliness he returns again and again. His love for the sea overwhelms his dislike making it impossible to stay away. Analyzing Literature Understanding Anglo-Saxon Poetry A lyric poem is one that expresses intense personal emotions. “The Seafarer” mixes pagan with Christian beliefs and expresses sorrow for something lost or past. At times the poet’s feelings seem to border on despair. 10. What deep personal feelings does the poet express in the first part of “The Seafarer” that show this to be a lyric poem? (See definition above) “I often endured days of struggle, troublesome times, how I have suffered, grim sorrow at heart,. Accompanied by many more quotes of anguish the poet tells the reaer how he feels through the depression that the sea brings to
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