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PRESCRIPTION MEDECINS USE AND ABUSE Krasimir Atanasov English 5 Teacher: June,2014 END NOTES 1. Waters Jo, “Taking antiobiotics ruptures my tendom: The hidden dangers of everyday drugs are assume are harmless”, 7 February 2012. 2. National Drug Intelligence Center (2010). National Threat Assessment: The Economic Impact of Illicit Drug Use on American Society. Washington, DC: United States Department of Justice. 3. Bellenir K,” Alcoholism Source book 2000”, p.19,20,21. 4. Gordon A.J., Conigliaro, J., Maisto, S.A., McNeil, M., Kraemer, K.L., Kelley, M.E. (2003). “Comparison of consumption effects of brief interventions for hazardous drinking elderly. Substance Use and Misuse”, p.1017-1035. 5. Patterson Thomas, Lacro…show more content…
By having an accurate dosage, a high purity level, and a lower price, prescription pills have established a place next to regular street drugs. Medical offices and pharmacies help supply a large amount of these drugs. There is no glory in catching doctors and pharmaceutical companies involved in this illegal drug trafficking. Media coverage is small due to the fact there are no guns and no bundles of case for the world to see. Sometimes action is taken, but the results are usually small. Very few doctors, dentists, and pharmacists are prosecuted annually for prescription fraud. The evidence now conclusively points to the fact that Whitney Houston has been killed by the pharmaceutical industry. “Whitney Houston 's death must serve as an urgent reminder that pills are not the answer, and that those who seek to alter their moods, physiology or biochemistry through Big Pharma 's deadly drugs are only playing Russian roulette with their lives” said coroner officials. In a research of an estimated 10 prescription frauds, one doctor received a short sentence; the other nice pleaded guilty and were put on probation. Part of the problem is that medical practitioners are usually charged under laws carrying low prison penalties. The laws are written allowing health care professionals to escape serious drug trafficking charges, no matter how fraudulent. About 75% of physicians convicted of prescription drug crimes got to keep their license. Medical and


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