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Multiple Choices:
1. Future
2. Staffing
3. Departmentation
4. Acceptance Theory
5. Decentralization
6. Master Chart
7. Downward Communication
8. Social Needs
9. Staffing Defined
10. Counseling

1. What do you understand by Maslow’s Theory of Motivation? According to “Abraham Maslow” the behaviour of an individual at a particular moment is usually determined by his strongest need. Needs have a certain priority or hierarchy. As the more basic needs are satisfied an individual seeks to satisfy the higher needs. If his basic needs are not met, efforts to satisfy the higher needs should be postponed. Once a need is satisfied it loses its capacity to induce the man to work. Only unsatisfied
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i) Receipt of financial incentives. ii) Contribution in attaining the objectives of the enterprises. iii) Fulfillment of responsibilities. iv) Appreciation from colleagues.
v) Setting of an example for others. vi) Responsibility to leadership of superior. vii) Moral obligation because of regard for old age, experience, competence, etc. According to acceptance theory, authority flows from bottom to top. A manager has authority if he gets obedience from the subordinates. Subordinates obey the managers because of the fear of losing financial rewards. This theory emphasizes sanctions that a manager can use overlooks the influence of social institutions like trade unions.

Caselet – 1

1. Critically analyze Mr. Vincent’s reasoning.
Mr. Vincent was a good and successful manager but he followed the traditional type of management skills, and that is why he was not unsuccessful. But when he was taught of many other ways of managements he started to think that he should only know it for the test because he was confident thinking that whatever he knows is enough as he was successful, but he was wrong because with other skills applications he could have not only been successful but could also grow his organisation and take it to the top of this competitors. Ho could make an increase in the profit of his organisation and save the waste as much possible. Being an manager he should have always been innovative in his
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