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Centralized and decentralized purchasing (Page 34, 35, & 36)
Purchasing and Supply Management used in the public sector and the private sector (notes)
Maintenance of buyer-supplier relationships (Page 65, 67, 68, 77 & 79)
Purchasing and Supply Management processes (2, 6, 28, 61)
Buyer-supplier relationships 65, 67, 68, 77, 79)
Total Quality Management (TQM) (146, 147, 148
Continuous Improvement (CI) (145, 69, 84, 86, 134, 146, 148, 149)
Quality Assurance ( In notes, Page 40, 160)
Quality Control (Page 123, 143, 146 & in Notes.
Development of E-Commerce (Page 34 ,78, 80 and blurbs in Notes)
Role of Purchasing and Supply Management (In notes, Pg 192, 253, 90, 37_
Development of specifications and a standardization program (40, 90, 119,
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An increase in strategic cost management initiatives is anticipated among progressive and cost-conscious firms.

Although competitive bidding will continue to be used, especially in the public sector, to ascertain market prices for non-strategic items, many of these items will be outsourced to third-party buyers or consortia to conduct the bidding. Moreover, organizations will continue to purchase most non-strategic products and services under master contracts, some of which will be negotiated by consortia that have leveraged and buying expertise. A trend is expanding for the continued use of third-party purchasing by primarily private sector firms pursuing all forms of competitive advantage possibilities.

Moving toward establishing win-win relationships in the context of strategic alliances, organizations are looking at total cost as a criterion, thus allowing win-win relationship building to lower total costs. Most public and private sector organizations are expected to use integrative (win-win) versus distributive (win-lose) negotiations, as they move away from adversarial and toward collaborative relationships with suppliers.
Supplier Outsourcing
In the private sector, executive management's perception of supplier importance and of the

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