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Bruce A. Patterson 6 March 2015 PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATION MANUSCRIPT Education 798 Dr. Russ Yocum Learning for Life Abstract Learning for life is a life outlook where someone decides to seek personal improvement opportunities throughout their entire lifespan. There is always some area of knowledge or technology where additional or new information can be beneficial. Through the use of distance learning, conference attendance, and traditional classroom attendance, the learner can enjoy employment benefits, more pay and even physical benefits making living easier. Becoming a life-long learner can be an experience that improves nearly every aspect of life. Why life-long learning is important Albert Einstein once said, “Wisdom is…show more content…
One important factor to consider is establishing the education foundation as early as possible. Due to life circumstances, younger employees are more likely to receive more professional training then their older counterparts. More of them are single and therefore have fewer familial commitments. They simply have more time to complete the training. Additionally, many younger adults have a stronger educational background from the start. As a general rule, the more education one begins with, the more likely more education is to be granted in the form of formal learning. Another way that age is a factor is because older adults often do not feel that there will be much benefit in additional education. Employers may have similar thoughts. An employer stands to gain much more in return for their investment in a younger employee. Seniority also comes into play when an organization is deciding where to spend valuable training dollars. The higher the position in the company, the more likely one is to be offered training opportunities. (Learning for life, 2009). One reason for seeking life-long learning opportunities is fact that additional education can lead toward higher pay and promotion opportunities for the employee. A concern for the employer lies in the fact that additional training makes the employee more valuable to other employers as well. If promotional opportunities do not exist in the employees company, then offering additional education to
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