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affects San Diego schools for the better is through webinars. Webinars are online seminars that provide information, such as how you can best represent your child. The spread of knowledge is invaluable because it is important to be informed when making decisions for a child. There is a website specifically for San Diego and the PTA,, this website contains tons of information about education, including laws, programs, and events. Lastly, the PTA impacts the lives of children and families by organizing volunteer work and other events that benefit students by raising funds for their school. All in all, the PTA impacts the lives of the students and families in many ways and just a few of which are programs, webinars,…show more content…
The information presented in the paper can be tied to the textbook, Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization and Support, written by Roberta M. Berns. The PTA strives to better communities and school systems by involving parents and families in a student’s education. Formal support systems, in this case the PTA, often advocate, meaning to speak or write in support of something, in a community to arise in that community (Berns, 58). Once the PTA is present in a community and families are involved in the school a door opens for a new mesosystem in a child’s life. A mesosystem is interrelationships between two or more or a person’s microsystems, which is any activities or relationships that are significant in a small setting (Berns, 21-22). The mesosystem the PTA strives to create is a relationship between parents, and families, and their child’s school. If this mesosystem is successfully created parents will positively impact their child’s education. For example, a parent could model at school for their child, modeling is a form of learning that happens by watching someone else do something and observe the result, and often a child models after their parents at a young age because they look up to them (Berns, 64). The PTA has strong values, beliefs that are seen as important, most relating to family involvement in school (Berns, 75). These values when adopted change a…show more content…
Physical safety and mental safety are both important for a child’s education, which is why the PTA has many anti-bullying programs. Bullying is aggressive behavior intended to harm another person, it can cause permanent effects on a child’s brain and cause anxiety or depression (Berns, 317). On the national level the PTA has countless programs that effect children in schools, making it an exosystem for those children. An exosystem is something that children do not directly participate in but one or their microsystems are affected by it (Berns,
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