PTSD And Suicide Essay

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PTSD and suicide rates Well this is such a hot topic these days and everyone has an opinion about it! I am not going to list you diagnostic criteria for PTSD or talk about triggers or delayed onset up to seven years following the trauma, all of these you can research and find for yourself. Even your medical provider will be happy to discuss it with you. Just one thing, don't be diagnosing yourself. What I wanted to talk about here is an individual affected by PTSD. Why? During times like these where there is a lot of focus on particular disorder there is a tendency for that disorder to be over diagnosed, which unfortunately seems natural phenomenon for individuals in the field. I am not going to get in to the quality of the care nor will…show more content…
That is a prolonged psychological friction. In a conclusion, most of the cases of PTSD are not tied directly to antisocial behavior, individuals are more likely to exhibit self destructive behavior that is precisely why there are high rates of suicide. This must be distinguished from other disorders that mimic PTSD and attempted suicides. Therefore individuals with PTSD mean business when it comes to suicide and you should take their every action seriously and respond to it. It is very important to respond and not to remain is listening silence. Simple reflection would be ok. It is "as if" one was/is unable to gain a basic emotional need safety for a prolonged period of time and if you think logically about it, that is aggravating, threatening, disturbing this point in itself makes it taxing. What seems to make sense next is "who would want to live like this?" that is where SI compounds. Therefore be careful when attaching comorbidity of other disorders to individuals that are affected by PTSD. Often times they are survivors of vast traumatic and danger filled events. That point is completely real from which ever point you look at
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