PUA 440 Case Study 3

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1 Kalina Sombrio Case Study 4 Kalina Sombrio PUA 440 Foster, Prato University of Nevada, Las Vegas RUNNING HEAD: Case Study 3 PUA 440 2 Defining the Issue There are parts of the country that are more prone to having disasters happen in them than in other parts. For example, the terrorist attacks in 2001 happened in a heavily populated area where it would affect the most people. The same can be said for natural disasters. There is a section of the U.S. literally nicknamed “Tornado Alley” in the Midwest due to its likelihood over other parts to be hit with tornadoes. Knowing these statistics about our country, one would think that a city such as New Orleans or states such as Louisiana or Mississippi who are located well under sea level to be more prepared for flooding and…show more content…
PUA 440 4 Thad W. Allen replaced Michael Brown as head of FEMA with a much more colored background in natural disaster management. New experiences paired with the team already in place within FEMA may be just the team needed to have more diverse and foreseeing management than that of pre-Katrina (Stephens et al., 2007 p. 250). Another alternative to being more prepared both structurally and proactively would be the reconstruction of cities under major threat to the attack of natural disasters. Just as Californian government takes into account structures or areas of land that would be more or less compatible with society if a natural disaster such as an earthquake were to occur; the same could be said for hurricane-warning states. Instead of the Superdome being an ultimate fallback at best for a safe haven for hurricane conditions, shelters that are hurricane sound should be built through areas such as New Orleans. Building these structures may be expensive, but as compared to the
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