PVCC Civic Leadership Conference Analysis

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The 2017 PVCC Civic Leadership Conference was a great experience and was a lot of fun. It was not a conference where the speakers were the only talking and expressing their opinions, the audience also got involved and asked question and expressed their opinions to the speakers as well. The first night of the conference was about State Government and Higher Education. Then the second day was packed with four choices ranging from ‘What to do with the Confederate Monuments’ to ‘Students Make a Difference’. Unfortunately, people could only go to two of the four choices during the morning session. There were a few things that could be improved to make the conference better next year. This conference hopefully taught everyone there that they can…show more content…
The first improvement would be, if there is going to be a religion panel next year, it should be more diversity in it, such as not having all white and Christians as the panelist. To fully do a ‘religion in politics’ discussion there should not be just Christians on the panel because there is a lot more religions and non-religion people that could have made the discussion better. Even Martinez (one of the panelist) expressed this concern during the discussion. Next, improvement that would benefit the conference in the future would be to have the correct location of the discussion on the pamphlet. I was planning to listen to the ‘What’s up with the News?’ that on the pamphlet states was supposed to be in the North Mall Meeting Room, but instead got switched to the Auditorium without my knowledge. It was not a big deal because I ended up enjoying the ‘Religion in Politics’, but better communication next time would have made my experience even…show more content…
First thing the conference taught everyone was that every decision made has a consequence on somebody and that why it is very important for people to get involved and to express their opinions because if people do not do that officials in charge will do whatever they want because they are in charge. Second, thing that was expressed was that Community College students are Democracy Colleges meaning that Community Colleges are a choice for people in a Community and have a huge impact on elections and policy making. Finally, Civil Learning which teaches students how to prepare for a community and to be involved in their community and not just live in the community, but to be active in the community and to make a difference no matter what it
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