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There is a debate about the level of social responsibility of multinational and national companies there days. Various books have been written detailing the right approach to the problem covering different perspectives. The ideology is well developed, however, there is a lack of current case studies analyzing what is really happening in the corporate executive level to support the society. There are many mission statements written about social responsibility, however, it is essential to examine how companies approach the projects and how they educate their employees to involve them in their plans. Social responsibility can be determined different ways, just as goals can be set for different causes. There are various motivations behind…show more content…
Since the start of the program, 597.000 young people were educated and over 115.000 volunteers were trained by the program. PWC also works together with the Communities in Schools Chicago charity, providing financial support for maintaining and improving the program. Providing a healthy environment and surroundings, the Chicago Parkways Foundation has also received contributions from the company. The First Giving Junior Achievement website features three teammates from the company, who seek donors for different charities. The team has raised over 1.7 million dollars for the organization. The fact that teams start up and join different voluntary organizations and charities show that giving back is truly a company philosophy, and the words are backed up by acts. Another important aspect of PWC's charity and voluntary work is the resources they put into research. As one of the largest international consulting companies, they are concerned about the efficiency and availability of public services. A comprehensive report about charity care issue in the United States has been published by the company to provide recommendations to new strategies in order to make these organizations more effective. It is important that that company focuses on giving back to the society, and through their reputation they are able to become the voice of the

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