PYC3701 Assignment 1

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PYC3705 - Assignment 1 Unique Number: 807147 Student Number: 34350446 Index: My feelings about this assignment Page 2 What is NA? Page 2 Where is NA? Page 2 The structure of the meeting Page 2 Personal story of recovery Page 4 My reflections Page 6 Conclusions about the helping relationship Page 7 References Page 7 My feelings about this assignment: When first reading the requirements of this assignment I was quite hesitant in approaching group counselling sessions as I was not aware of any in my area. A friend of mine whom I had not seen in a while told me that she was in a rehab facility for a month and was attending an…show more content…
The literature rep stands up and advises on what books are available Living clean Just for today How it works and why (12 steps and stories of addicts worldwide) Sponsorship guide The step working guide She explains what each book is about and the price so that if anyone would like to purchase the literature, you will be able to do so after the meeting. There are also various pamphlets that are available. The chairperson then introduces the topic he has chosen for the evening and interprets how the topic relates to his life and then opens the floor so that any of the addicts are open to speak. Only the chair knows what the topic is going to be for the evening. Once everyone has had their turn to share and before closing the meeting he asks: Is there anyone who still feels the need to share Does anyone have a burning issue? Does anyone just have an issue staying clean today? They address these issues separately after the meeting. Chairperson thanks all for sharing and reminds all that what they see and hear here remains here. The seventh tradition states that they are self-supporting through their own contributions. They then send around a donation basket where generous donations are requested. Newcomers and visitors
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