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PA 253 Final Exam Answers PA 253 Final Exam Answers Question 1. Lawyers cannot split fees for legal services with non-lawyers. Question 2. Legal professionals should not disclose adverse case law when writing legal briefs. Question 3. Sarah has just been made a member of the bar and is going to open her own law office. You will be her first employee! What advice can you give her about professional liability insurance. Question 4. Paralegals are expected to follow the same ethical rules as attorneys. Question 5. The elements of a professional negligence claim include: Question 6. Paralegals are permitted to:…show more content…
Claudio is okay with that because he can fill out the form without help. However, when he gets to the blank that says “Middle Name” he doesn’t know what to do. Claudio doesn’t have a middle name. When he asks a paralegal at the ABC Legal Clinic what to do with this blank, the paralegal Question 25. Sandy Glastor (Paralegal) has joined his family for Thanksgiving. Sandy’s grandfather asks a general question (to everyone sitting at the table) about writing a holographic will on letterhead stationery. (Grandfather’s question is whether the printed part of the stationery invalidates the will because the will is not written entirely in the testator’s handwriting.) Sandy takes Grandfather’s question as a hypothetical and responds to it along with everyone else at the table throwing in their opinions. Later that night, Grandfather rewrites his holographic will on a blank piece of paper based on Sandy’s reply to the question. Which of the following is true? Question 26. Legal professionals owe complete loyalty and good faith to clients at every stage of the representation. Question 27. Moral character cannot be considered when determining whether or not a person can be licensed to practice law. Question 28. The State of Eufouria is considering a “title scheme” for paralegal regulation. An accurate translation of that is: Question 29. Because paralegals are generally not licensed, they are

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