Essay on Pa230 Unit 2 Legal Memo

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To: Supervising Attorney
From: Heather Leigh Bradley
Re: Security Protocols in the Law Office
Date: April 8, 2014

You have asked me to research the ethical rules about what is permissible for the website that you plan to create for the law firm. I have conducted legal research on the following issues and am presenting my findings, as follows:

1. Does the website have to list the state where s/he is licensed to practice?
Yes, the website does have to list the state or states where he/she is licensed to practice law. In ABA Model Rule 5.5: Unauthorized Practice of Law; Multijurisdictional Practice of Law, it states that a lawyer can not mislead, or withhold their jurisdiction of legal practice to the public, or
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In order to list a legal specialty on the webpage, the attorney must be certified according to ABA Model Rule 7.4.
Yes, she/he must be certified by an ABA accredit organization and she/he must state the name of the organization that she/he received the certification from.
The attorney is allowed to state she/he is a certified personal injury litigator, as long as she/he is certified by an ABA accredited organization and she/he must acknowledge and list the organization they received this certification from on the website, in order to state that she/he is specialized. Stating that you are specialized in a particular field when your not, it is also misleading and misrepresentation of your practice and education. It makes it seem as if she/he has received special training in this type of law, when they haven’t. Model Rule 7.1: Communications concerning a lawyer’s service also addresses this, and clear says that a lawyer must not make false or misleading statements about him/herself or their practice. That all communication must be made of fact and/or law, and it needs to be clearly stated and not confusing or misleading. If she/he listed on their

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