Pablo Escobar A Threat Or Influence

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Should Escobar be known as a threat or as an inspiration for the others?
Title: Pablo Escobar, the history of the infamous villain who became the evilest lord that world has ever seen.

Pablo Escobar, one of the greatest outlaws throughout the history who grew from one of the poorest neighborhoods of Medellin to be the most famous drug lord in the world whose legacy continues even nowadays in Colombia. Escobar was born in Medellin, Colombia, on 1-st of December 1949 and was killed on 2-nd of December 1993 exactly in his hometown. Being the son of a farmer and an element school teacher was not easy for him to reach this height of power and become one of the 10 richest men in the world. Pablo did not complete his education and living
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But, should Escobar be known as a threat or as an inspiration for the others, as the Lord of evil or as a modernized Robin Hood? This paper will argue that even though Escobar did a lot for his people who even nowadays remember him as “The Godfather” or “Robin Hood”, his horrific terror, his violence, his corruptive and manipulative ways in order to obtain and maintain that kind of power cannot be justified by the invaluable contributions he has made for the society. Moreover, the decisions and actions that he took such as killing his friends, killing Presidents candidates or kidnapping their lovers, bombing etc., in order to expand his empire, show us the real face of one of the biggest criminal in history, Pablo…show more content…
Escobar did everything he could in order to keep his family far-off this violence that had captured the whole Colombian country, because he valued his family as the most important thing in the world. Sebastian Marroquin (Pablo’s son who changed his identity) asserts in his interview that he has no complains about the way his father raised him, he was a great dad and was ready to give me everything that I wanted or needed. “He always supported me and urged me to become the person I wanted to be. He said that if I wanted to be a doctor, he would give me the best hospital. If I decided to be a hairdresser, he would give me the best salon in the whole city. He never pressured me to join his organization or to follow in his footsteps “. (Otis J. Pablo Escobar’ Son) This saying form Sebastian beautifully illustrates that even though the evilest man in the world, who in the first view is shown as a non-human (no feelings) and who was able to do the most terrifying things to the others in order to gain power and money when it comes to the family, it becomes a hero. This means that for him, his wife and his kids were the most invaluable things that ever gained and would do everything to keep them away from his
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