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Pablo Escobar had a great impact on drug trade to the U.S. in the 1980s. How he got into cocaine, how he smuggled, it shows and how he was brought down.      Pablo Escobar was born January 12, 1949. After being kicked out of school , he began his career as a thief in streets of Medellin Colombia. Its rumored that Escobar got his start by stealing tomb stones from local cemeteries, then sand blasting them and re-selling them to Panama. Pablo then started on the drug scene by smoking Colombia’s highly potent pot. He would continue to do this the rest of his life.      In the 1960s he starts dealing as well with smoking marijuana. In the early 1970s he had entered the cocaine trade, using…show more content…
and was listed by Forbes magazine as the 7th richest man in the world all because his business in cocaine was so successful. In the same year Pablo and his cartel planned to kill President Bush (sr.) with a bomb on his visit to Cartegena. That’s shows he thought he was that powerful.      How ever law enforcement was closing in on Escobar. The U.S. want him to be extradited to the U.S. but Escobar surrendered to the Colombian’s in exchange for a promise not to be extradited to the U.S. He was able to design his own luxurious prison and continued to run his business behind the walls. Fifty new charges were brought against Pablo, including political assassination and mass murder. Escobar confessed to just one shipment of cocaine to Europe. When two men came and told Pablo he was being transferred to a military prison, Pablo would have none of this, and he took out hidden weapons, taking the two men hostage. After a night of negotiations 400 army commandos stormed the jail, but Escobar and his brother, along with many others, were gone. After 16 months on the run, he was finally hunted down by Columbian police with the aid of U.S. technology that recognized Escobar’s voice on a cell phone. On December 2, 1993 Pablo Escobar was killed trying to run away on a roof top in one of his safe houses in Columbia.            Escobar rose from

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