Pablo Picasso Guernica Analysis

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Dexter Green
Art History

Years ago, this disbursing and confusing picture created in 1937 by Picasso titled the Guernica was an painting that was against war. Picasso would use his artistic talent and the contrast of light and dark to Evoke confusion when someone first glanced at it and possibly took a few times for the viewer in the past and currently to understand what the symbols could possibly mean.
Pablo Picasso based off his painting of the Guernica seems to not care what his viewers thought of the painting means the assumption can be made because Picasso painting doesn’t allow the viewer to view the painting and automatically know what’s it is not even when you look at the painting multiple times. Now if someone is a professor or a student who’s already read up on their art history that’s different, but for people who never seen this painting it can be very confusing. This is what makes Pablo Picassos painting unique (something we never seen before) because Pablo didn’t paint this painting for the people he created it out of response to a tragedy that occurred in Spain people would just start to agree with his message. We will analyze what the symbols of the painting by Pablo Picasso and what they could possibly mean. In the painting the bull has a grey and black body and a white tail and a white face the bull also looks as if its shocked this could be a symbol for how the people of Spain were feeling when the bombings happened. The people

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