Pablo Picasso The Old Guitarist

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I chose to write about The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso, which is an artwork that was painted with oil on a panel that is displayed in the Chicago Art Institute. It’s quite large in size to scale and appearance in relation to the framework. It appears to be cramped in the frame because it is presented on a small canvas, but it actually measures in at 48 3/8 x 32 ½. This painting may have paved the way for Picasso some may say by possibly being a pivotal moment in his life. The Art Institute of Chicago received this piece of artwork in 1926 and put it on display. The Old Guitarist became Picasso's first painting to be acquired by an American museum, and according to the Art Institute of Chicago, it was also the first Picasso painting that…show more content…
Picasso is one of the most fascinating artists to me for one of the reasons of being able to use a combination of traditional materials, such as oil, paint, found materials, chalk, sand and much more. In this painting he chose oil to work with and he went with a flat effect with a monochromatic color scheme in order to convey a feeling and a mood. Those details create a two-dimensional figure that dissociates the guitarist from time and place within the painting. He chose to work with blue which is used to symbolize coldness, depression, darkness and the emotional and psychological feelings of humans. The only detail of The Old Guitarist that is not completely blue along with the rest of the painting is the man's guitar. The difference of color of the guitar could be seen on how Picasso viewed his own art as a happy place even in his darkest times, therefore it wasn’t blue and considered the same mood as the rest of the painting, which was dark and cold, because he had a good feeling when it came to art. The Old Guitarist is one of Picasso’s most disturbingly haunting pieces of work that he made while he was in Barcelona. What seems to be a simple painting of a man and his guitar really has a much deeper meaning and purpose. It is said that The Old Guitarist has secrets in its past and in its paint.
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