Pablo Picasso 's Works Of Art

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Pablo Picasso was one of the most original and influential artists of the 20th century. He first emerged as a Symbolist painter but soon became influenced by Cézanne and Rousseau which led him to his style of Cubism. However, he soon after would abandoned cubism but later return to it. Picasso’s works of art were not meant to only argue coherence but also a strong level of feels. One of his most famous paintings that evokes a strong sense of feeling is Guernica. In Guernica, Picasso returns to his cubist style of painting to depict the agony of war through fragmented bodies, geometric shapes, and grayish color tones while also demonstrating his strong opposition to the political dimension at Guernica and demanding a call for action against the Fascists. The great impact of Guernica had was due in part to its monumental size and its powerful political statement. After many sketches, Picasso painted this masterpiece with oil on canvas in 1937. It is a mural sized painting that is a visual response to the massacre at Guernica. Hitler was in favor of Francisco Franco, who was attempting to overthrow the democratic Republican government in Spain in the Spanish Civil War that began in 1936. Hitler decides to bomb the city of Guernica as a new war tactic to evoke fear and intimidate his opponents. This painting is a direct response to the Nazi’s bombing of Guernica, a town in Northern Spain, in 1937. Since this city was of no significance or military value, many innocent

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