Pablo Picasso's Guernica (Lavender Mist)

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The Modern Period Art was rapidly changing. Beginning with the Impressionists, art slowly moved away from classical teachings and subjects. After the Impressionists came Post-Impressionism, which had many similarities with Impressionism. Following Post-Impressionism came another game-changer. Fauvism, with its bright, clashing colors, distorted form, and vigorous brushstrokes, was rejected at first. Critics despised the work, calling it "the naive and brutal efforts of a child playing with its paintbox. Eventually the short-lived movement gained some support. More importantly, though, it paved the way for modern art. The possibilities were endless. Two paintings exhibit the unrestrained work of modern artists: "Guernica" and "No. 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist)".…show more content…
Picasso could be considered a founding father of modern art. Ranging from cubism to El Greco-like figures, Picasso constantly tried new techniques. He did not want to keep the same style for long. "Guernica" portrays Picasso's view of the small Basque town of Guernica. During the Spanish civil war, dictator Francisco Franco hired the Nazi Luftwaffe to bomb the town. Over the course of three hours, warplanes dropped bombs on the town, killing 2,000 civilians and wounding thousands more. This horrific event is shown through Picasso's eyes in the 25 foot wide and 11 foot high mural. It shows how artists' new freedom allowed them to call attention to events like never
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