Pablo's Life Story

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First, let me tell you a story. (He was talking to his friends, which are in 6th grade like him). Hours ago lived a man named Pablo. He had a donkey, he could not think of a name for his donkey. So you know what he called him, he called him DONKEY!. He always had to yell when he was calling out to his donkey, don’t know why but he does that. One day when Pablo was using the bathroom, he was reading the newspaper and found a map that was pretty big. Later that day he found out that that map was going to lead to a legendary taco shack in the middle of nowhere. Then he met a man that knew where to go. He told Pablo that he needed to cross the forest of the sneaky snakes, the farm of the smelly cows, the driest desert in the world and what we’ve…show more content…
So he grabbed a lot of chips like cheesy puffs and things like that. Later that day he started the trip to the shack. The first place he came to was the forest of the sneaky snake. It was starting to turn night time, so Pablo started to look for the supplies to start a camp fire. BUT THEN he forgot that the only things he brought were chips and a small water bottle that only has 2 ounces. In the middle of the night he was using his donkey as a pillow. He was leaning on the donkey when out of nowhere you could hear “ssssssss”. The donkey got up as fast as he could and since Pablo was leaning on him, he fell back and fell on the snake. It was starting to become morning and Pablo was eating some chips and started to eat. While he was eating he was making his way to the farm of the smelly…show more content…
Then out of nowhere came a farmer, he asked “what you doing disrespecting my Bessie like that”. “Oh sorry… gag… ah sorry about that. We didn’t know we were disrespecting your cow” said Pablo. “Well if you aren’t going buy something than go away” said Billy as he smoked something. “You know you are not supposed to smoke right” said Pablo. “Well if little old Bessie makes this substance, then I can smoke it” said Billy. “Ok that’s enough, I am going on my way to the desert ok, ok. Now bye” said Pablo as he was packing some of that substance in his backpack. (The substance is something I like to call waste) when Pablo noticed a very strong smell he looked in his backpack and saw something horrible. 4 hours later Pablo was still gaging so he tried to get to the desert and started his long
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