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Pacific Sunwear of California was founded in 1980 in the city of Anaheim California. The store if a clothing store that has been known for “bringing the beach back to the people.” This phrase is a part of Pac sun because the stores are not within a quick driving distance to any beach. The company had 1300 stores, but by the time the 2007 recession came it dropped to 1000. As of 2011 the business has operated 800 stores throughout the United states and also in parts of Puerto Rico. The company offers many different clothing items for men and women. They used to exclusively sell clothing from brands Quicksilver, Hurley, Billabong, and Roxy. These brands are more of what you would typically think of when you think of the beach. They extended their…show more content…
The reason I want to do this is because of where Pac Sun is headed. They are headed downhill quicker then they want to be. They need something to renew the company. First things first, what can we gain from what Pac Sun already has going for them? With the SWOT analysis I did and reviewed, I can see that the 601 stores are a good start for the revamping of the company. Another great strength is the name “Pac-Sun.” It is already well known throughout the United States. On a side note this is what our company did with “Fosters Pickled Asparagus.” When we bought the company from Chris Foster we knew that changing the name would maybe confuse customers, and we would have to rebuild the process of “rebuilding a reputation.” Some other strengths to note are: trained employees that can continue to work with the revamp of the stores, the website is up and running and people can purchase items from their personal devices. With strengths come weaknesses which we have already talked about some in the opening paragraphs. Some to note are: Pac Sun is falling behind with their sales, stores in malls are hard to get people into, the items are expensive (compared to competitors) and they are not different than competitors across the walk way in the mall, Pac Sun is not known for a specific item or style anymore. Opportunities are always around there just has to be an eye for it and an open window. Some opportunities to note are: ONLINE, shift to meet new trends. These 2 opportunities are what I will have as a backbone for the revamping of this company. Some threats to note are: Competitors such as Tillys and Zumiez, threat of bankruptcy, minimum wage increasing. When you break down the basics of where Pac sun is at currently you get a good idea of what is going wrong? What can be done to get back on track? How can we dodge the competition and start something new that people haven’t seen? How can we prepare
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