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In dramatic construction there must be variation of pace and rhythm, monotony of any kind being certain to induce boredom. Comparing at least two plays you have studied in the light of this statement, show how variations of pace and rhythm have been used to attract of heighten the interest of the audience. Within Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire and Arthur Miller s The Crucible variations of pace and rhythm are utilized in order to attract or heighten the attention of the audience. However, in order to determine the manner in which variations of pace and rhythm affect the audience interruptions to routines, the juxtaposition of calm and hysteria, the use of pace to reflect tension and the way in which structure influences the…show more content…
It would be good if it was made clear that this was another form of interruption wish you had never seen the sun go down! Despite the sexual tension between Proctor and Abigail, the pace decreases, which is indicated by the absence of exclamation marks. Furthermore, the entrance of Rebecca Nurse decreases the pace. Through theses changes in rhythm and pace, Miller emphasises the calming influences of Proctor and Rebecca and thereby evokes sympathy towards them from the audience. The audience thereby perceives these characters as more level headed and sensible amongst the hysteria thereby increasing the respect felt towards these characters and hence further criticizing the other characters. In addition, both Miller and Williams explore the juxtaposition of calm and hysteria through variations of pace and rhythm. Within A Streetcar Named Desire there is a distinct change of pace between the end of scene three and the opening of scene four. During Stanley s abuse of Stella a great degree of action and events occur thus increasing the pace. Furthermore, the sound of a blow and Stella s cry in conjunction with the ubiquitous exclamation marks within Blanche s speech in phrases such as I want my sister s clothes! We ll go to that woman upstairs! the pace is

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