Pacific Brand Case Essay

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Pacific Brands: Segmentation Australian Brasserie Consumers Q1. For this case, involving some exploratory research, Exhibit 12a and 12b show the segmentation and descriptor variables used to collect data for the segmentation analysis. Comment on the appropriateness and comprehensiveness of these attributes. What would your team change in this questionnaire and what other segmentation and descriptor questions would you recommend to ask to respondents for a better segmentation and targeting strategy? 1.) The comprehensiveness and appropriateness in the data from exhibit 12a and 12b for the segmentation analysis are very accurate and on point. The questions asked in exhibit 12a, the segmentation variables, are really right…show more content…
Explain how you analyze a dendogram and find the optimal number of segments in the market. 2.) The number of optimal segments in the market is 3 segments because there was a big jump in the dendogram and the distance was a significant increase. To find the optimal number of segments in the market by analyzing a dendogram you need to find the first big increase in distance from the clusters. Also, you need to draw a line from between the distance of the big jump, and identify how many it intersects the dendogram. That will give you the number of customer segments you have. For this case there are 3 segments. Q3. Use the number of the segments you determined in Q.2 and re-run “Segmentation” from the Segmentation and Classification tool (enable the Discrimination). This time, in the Dendogram sheet, instead of 9 segments you should see the specific number of segments you determined. . What are these key segments of brasserie shoppers? How can you label them? Explain the profile of each segment according to the segmentation (not discrimination) variables used in the analysis. 3.) The key segments of these brasserie shoppers are the segments fashion, convenience, shop time, fitness, perception, brand4els, popular, store display, sales staff, fabric, cut, seam, shape of bra on hanger, shape of bra on body, colors, and match. The profile of each segment according to each segmentation variable in the analysis are fashion(I’m very
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