Pacific Cataract And Laser Institute

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CASE 17: PACIFIC CATARACT AND LASER INSTITUTE 2 CASE 17: PACIFIC CATARACT AND LASER INSTITUTE 4 CASE 17: Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute: Competing in the LASIK Eye Surgery Market Catherine Grace Bautista Adventist University of Health Sciences Running head: CASE 17: PACIFIC CATARACT AND LASER INSTITUTE 1 Abstract A comprehensive process is often undertaken in the strategic change process was applied to Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute. The objective of the paper is to exhibit the process, conduct a stakeholders? analysis, identify the strategic issues and look into how the company expands its corporate strategic intent, increase customer awareness about the product and by what method to employ to step up…show more content…
The facility is collaborating closely with the patient?s optometrists who serve as the primary care doctors. If a surgery is necessitated, the doctor of optometry (OD) will then direct the patients to the expertise of the eye surgeons of PCLI to address specialized treatments. In Spokane alone, they have built a strong network of about 150 family optometrists. For a period of time, PCLI has managed their operations with eleven satellite clinics, seven surgeons, several surgical assistants, patient counselors and a resident physician at every clinic (Swayne, et al., 2013). However, due to continued growth in the industry with significant market potential, stiffer competition is slowly escalating. In fact, intense rivalry from other laser eye surgery centers in Canada as well as other larger laser eye care centers in the nation who are charging less for Lasik eye surgery are becoming a huge challenge for PCLI. The facility is very much aware that there is an enormous possibility that they will lose a huge number of patients to the aforementioned competitors. With that, there is an intense pressure to reduce overhead costs to survive in a competitive landscape. It is imperative for the facility to reevaluate its market efforts and its services operations process and focus on new management strategy, capacity utilization, cost control and marketing
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