Pacific International Lines

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1. Introduction
Pacific International Lines or PIL as it is commonly known in the market is a container shipping company started by Mr.Y C Chang in 1967. What he started as a 1 ship company is today the 19th biggest container shipping company in terms of TEU capacity & the 8th largest container ship owner.
Ambition: Integrated shipping group with a meaningful market share by setting own pace of growth based on the group’s financial strength and human resource capabilities.
2. External Analysis:
In order to formulate a strategic direction for PIL we need to do an analysis of the external factors affecting PIL’s business.
2.1 External Analysis - PFF Analysis
By doing a Porter’s Five Factor analysis (PFF) we come up with the following
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The country is a strong supporter of the ASEAN Free Trade Area and the ASEAN Investment Area. This in return brings about investment in Singapore and would affect the Shipping market positively.
ECONOMICAL –Singapore economy has improved relatively well after the 2009 crisis. Many vessels were laid off in year 2009 and 2010. With a Strong economy and currency, Singapore economy is relatively stable. Currently Singapore foresees 3 to 4 percent inflation in 2011. The taxation rate is one of the lowest in Asia.
SOCIAL – There has been always a constant increase in the immigrant in Singapore. The Aging population and low fertility rate has being countered by the immigrant.
TECHNOLOGICAL – The advancement in telecommunication and internet technologies have enable many Shipping firms to trade and offer their services online. With just a click of a button, we are able to get information about the routes they serve and for customers a timely updates of the whereabouts of their cargo.
ENVIRONMENTAL – Increased awareness on issues of global warming and energy consumption has re-directed world’s attention. As a result many shipping companies are trying to be more environmental friendly. Policies have been passed by Organisations i.e. Ballast water and low Sulfur fuel.
LEGAL – As a shipping company, PIL fleet travels to different boundaries. As such the fleet has to abide to different laws and regulations. They have to be updated with

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