Pacific Model of Health

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Pacific Islanders health and wellbeing has a holistic approach involving spirituality and environment. As a result of these and other differences, pacific models have been developed. The Pacific people in New Zealand are represented by seven different countries which are Samoa, Cook Island, Tonga, Niue, Tokelau, Fiji and Tuvalu. This essay will describe one of the pacific health models, the Fonofale model, and will also discuss how this model can enhance nursing practice. Moreover, it will attempt to demonstrate the application of the Fonofale model to holistically assess the cultural and clinical needs of a Pacific client. Finally this essay will address the client's health concerns and resilient factors and one concern will be discussed…show more content…
With these models, nurses' practice will be enhanced by practicing in a culturally safe manner and cultural competency. Nurses should also carry out important values such as alofa (love), faaloalo (respect – foundation for good relationships), usita'i (obedience), and faamaualalo (humility – not putting yourself above others) to name a few. The 'Va' is a term defining space between. All relationships especially the one between the client and nurse are sacred. One can violate that 'Va' (relationship) by practicing in a manner that is not client focussed. As nurses it is our duty to be culturally aware and sensitive in order to enhance nursing practice (Manukau Institute of Technology, 2013). The Fonofale model was used as an assessment tool to assess the chosen client named Ana (pseudonym). With the permission of the preceptor accessing Ana's notes was critical to gain insight to her scenario. Bridging the ‘Va’ and creating a meaningful relationship with Ana was important. This was carried out by visiting Ana three times prior to asking for consent to interview her, greeting Ana in her language (Tongan) and speaking some Tongan phrases. Active listening was also used and being non-judgemental. Therapeutic relationship was built with Ana by developing a sense of trust and rapport from her. Rapport is often increased by the use of humour, informality and
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