Pacifism Durring World War Ii

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Pacifism during World War II During the World War II battle some people believed that pacifism was the answer toward stopping it. George Orwell, one of the most important controversial writers during the twentieth century, was stunned and enraged at the people who believed pacifism would help end the war. How can someone expect to win by being pacifist when the enemy cannot be reasoned with? Orwell’s passionate antifascism during War World II led him into conflict with the liberal pacifist movement. This led him to attack back against active pacifist with his writings in the “London Letter”, a column in the American magazine Partisan Review .This addressed how pacifism during a war does nothing to stop the enemy but instead gives them…show more content…
George Orwell states “if you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help the other” (283). If we do not prepare for any war that comes toward our way because of pacifism we are automatically helping the enemy defeat us. If we just follow the pacifist believes many historical wars that were won would have resulted in defeat. War preparation is a key that helps win any war and defeats the enemy. Overall, there will always be droughts whether during war it is best to be pacifist or anti-pacifist. We can forecast that it is best to be anti-pacifist during any war that we may be faced with. This is what’s best because talk about pacifist will always aid the enemy in various ways from encouraging them, making us easy targets, and the preparation of it. We have to be aware that sometimes war is the only answer to defeat evil and establish peace. Before people start judging how bad war is and inhumane they should consider how many evil people we have gotten rid of before they were able to do more harm. It will always be up to the people weather or not they should be pacifist or anti pacifist during a war but we can conclude that pacifism will always aid the

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