Pack Rats Research Paper

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Pack rats get their name because they love finding and collecting random objects, which they use to build their nests. But the tiny rodents pack more than just random objects — they pack a serious punch. If you have pack rats in your garden, you need to get rid of them before you become a victim of their nefarious ways.

Pack Rats Steal Without Remorse

With their large eyes and adorable faces [], pack rats look innocent. But don’t be fooled. These tiny rodents have no regard for the law. They steal without remorse, and — similar to people — they love shiny objects.

Pack rats go to great lengths to steal the shiny objects they love. They’re gifted climbers that do their bidding at night. They climb homes like four-legged ninjas and squish their tiny bodies through any openings they find. Once in your home, they grab the shiniest objects they can find, and steal with a lack of remorse that would even make Leonardo Notarbartolo
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You’ll probably find your missing valuables in a pack rat’s nest.

Pack Rats Can’t Help but Start Fires From Time to Time

Because they’re natural explorers with inquisitive minds, pack rats find themselves in all sorts of places you don’t want them. Under the cover of darkness, they get into cars, air conditioning units, and attics. Unfortunately, these nighttime expeditions often lead pack rats to electrical wires. And, even more unfortunately, pack rats happen to like chewing on wires.

You can see where this going. Pack rats, like other rodents, have been known to chew through wires and start electrical fires. Though they may not have a motive, their intentions — good or bad — won’t do much to comfort you if a pack rat starts a fire on your property.

Pack Rats Casually Spread the Deadly Hantavirus to Garden
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