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1. Packaging systems for frozen foods generally are designed to provide sufficient protection against changes in temperature that might result in melting of the product. B) False
2. Getting the potential customer to buy the product is an important function of modern retail packaging.
[A) True
3. Many package features serve multiple functions at the same time.
A) True
4. A package must be made of a single type of material.
B) False
Feedback: Many packages are made of multiple materials. For example: High quality Cling Peaches can be purchased in glass jars with metal caps.
5. Some foods can be harmed by ordinary light.
A) True
Feedback: Butter and beer are examples
6. The utility function of packaging means those package
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B) Protection
18. Which of the following products should be packaged in a material that can help to prevent moisture gain?
B) Doritos
19. Which of the following approaches is the most common packaging approach used to protect a light sensitive bottled beverage that is intended for consumption on a beach?
A) Amber glass
20. Why are music CDs often fitted into large plastic frames while they are on the shelf in a retail store?
A) Theft prevention

1. Since glass is a brittle material, it is very strong in tension but weak in compression.
B) False
]Feedback: Since glass is a brittle material, it is very strong in compression but weak in tension.

2. Glass is considered a ductile material.
B) False
3. Glass is rarely used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.
B) False
4. Glass is made of silica sand, soda ash, limestone, alumina, and cullet that are mixed and melted together with heat.
A) True
5. The invention of the glass blowpipe created the ability to blow round containers and increase the speed of production.
A) True
6. During blow-and-blow molding, compressed air is blown into the parison, which stretches the glass outward toward the walls of the mold cavity and hollows out the inside to form a container.
A) True
7. Glass containers are reheated and then cooled slowly in the lehr to gradually release stress.
A) True
8. Devitrification is the

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