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Pact of Umar The Pact of Umar was written during the time of Umar Ibn Al-Khattab the second caliphate that reined the Muslim community of believers from the years 634 to 644 CE. It was a pact of agreement and peace between Muslims and those under their rule, as Umar’s time was known for its expansion by ruling the Sassanian Empire and more than two thirds of the Byzantine Empire, creation of the Diwan and having a decentralized policy of state. Umar was known as a powerful and influential Muslim man, known for his juristic nature of distinguishing between what is right and wrong, he was named Al-Farooq, all these qualities lead one to not believing the pacts rules truthfulness as they are restricting, suppressing the opposing side and does…show more content…
A pact like the one during Umar’s time was a source of restrictive regulations on non-Muslims from the shari’aa where they would live in Muslim countries and freely express their religion, similarly, during the time of the Prophet, when he moved to Madina, also known as Yathrib, the place had three main communities there were the Ansar, Muhajeroun and Jews. The Prophet let them live with them, made a pact of peace; they were a bit redundant but agreed in the end until they broke the pact and allied with Quraysh into killing the Prophet and were expelled from Madina after the downfall of Quraysh. The constitution between Muslims, non-Muslim Arabs and Jews of Madina was written, approved and preserved some of the major contents were that no believer shall oppose the client of another believer, they will not be injured nor any enemy will be aided against them, the Jews shall contribute to the cost of war, they shall maintain their own religion and the Muslim theirs, each if attacked shall come to the assistance of the other (believers to Jews and vice versa)’. This was during the first year of Hijrah in 622 CE, it created autonomy to communities, as it did not place any discriminatory restrictions upon the
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