Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

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“It was a sign of growing up, when the dark made no more difference to you than the day.” ― Roddy Doyle (page 278) This quote is from Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle. Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha is about a 10-year-old boy named Patrick Clarke, but everyone calls him Paddy. This books ' setting is in 1968 's Dublin, Ireland. At the beginning of the book, Paddy is a cruel boy; he enjoys the Three Stooges, Geronimo, Father Damien and the Lepers, and also his favorite soccer player George Best. Paddy has challenges in life just like every other 10-year-old boy he has problems at home, but when he 's with his friends it 's a different story. Paddy hangs around with his friends in his neighborhood and they just love to get into trouble, and …show more content…
The boys love playing around the neighborhood even though what they did was very chancy and they could have gotten in trouble. Though they occasionally got in trouble, they kept up with their crazy activities. School is also a big part of Paddy 's life. Paddy believes that he is exceptionally smart and he thinks that he is smarter than his teacher Mr. Hennessey. Paddy thought that hw was so much smarter than Henno because he did everything that he was supposed to do. "I listened. I watched. I did my homework. I came home at Friday lunchtime. -I 'm in the best desk. It was true. I 'd made no mistakes all week. All my sums had been right. I 'd got through the twelve-times table inside thirty seconds." (192) Paddy believes that he does everything he can to be as smart and superior as he thinks he is. Aside from Paddy thinking that he is superior, there are some crazy things that go one in school. An example would be when James O 'Keefe got in trouble for pruning. He had been caught doing it to Albert Genocci. "Now he was going to talk about pruning. The shock made me forget to breathe… -I know you are only playing when you do it, said Mister Finnucane." (109) Pruning was something that wasn 't allowed in Paddy 's school even though everyone thought that it was funny. School is very important to Paddy, with his smarts and
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