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Financial Analysis & Management Assignment 1 & 2
Padini Holdings Berhad Financial Statement Analysis
Lecturer: Dr. Harwindar Singh
Tutor: Francis Asirvatham

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Executive Summary

Padini Holdings Berhad as the leading local apparel brand in Malaysia is generating upward growth in revenue and rapidly expanding globally. With foreign brands penetrated in Malaysia’s apparel market, Padini managed to aggressively
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(, 2012).
It started as a manufacturing and trading businesses in apparel industry in 1971 and became a public listed company in 1992 as second board in Bursa Malaysia and then was transferred to the main board in 2004 as it grew bigger (, 2012). The products they put on shelves includes garments for men, women and children. Varieties of fashion clothing ranging from executive to casual, accessories, begs and shoes can be found too. Their succession of 100% acquisitions can be seen in figure 1 which contributed to different brands in their mixed brand strategies in Padini Concept Store.

Figure 1, Number of shares in Padini’s subsidiary companies

Source: Padini Annual Report 2011
As of today’s, they have approximately 330 freestanding outlets and still rapidly expanding in Malaysia and overseas under the brands of Padini, Vincci, Seed, Miki, Padini Authentic, P&Co, PDI and more (refer to appendix 1). They believed that each of the brands encompassed the fashion philosophy by ensuring these brands fit into their targeted consumers (, 2012). Figure 2 presents the number of stand alone, concept and brand outlet stores increasing in the past five years while figure 3 showed a list of milestones they

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