Padre Antonio Vieira's Sermons about "slaveries"

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Padre Antonio Vieira became a missionary priest and returned to Brazil in 1652, with very complex messages about slavery. His teachings could be interpreted as being against the Christian religion, but they raised a lot of questions about the slavery of the New World and whether or not the God's name was being used in vain. During his two sermons in Bahia and Sao Luis do Maranhao, he used his own beliefs of universal church to convert non-Christians to the faith. He uses the Bible, as his reference and his faith in God, as his guide to show that the settlers should treat the natives fairly and humanly. Vieira insisted on two main slaveries, that of the body and soul, and emphasizes that there is no forgiveness for selling your soul. Most …show more content…
Furthermore, the masters can use only the slaves' bodies as their service, but not their souls, "most noble part of you, the soul, and in everything that belongs to it, you are not enslaved but free" (Page 222). Most importantly, Vieira states that the soul of a person can also be enslaved, but it is only done through free will. Just like Adam and Eve did not obey God's command not to eat the forbidden fruit, which caused the sale of the first two souls. Vieira refers to everybody equally, slaves and masters, showing that we are all sinners because we can easily sell our souls to the Devil. He criticizes the settlers for being foolish and weak, who would do anything for gold. He mentions that the slaves are abused by not being allowed in churches or to marry one another, even though they convert to Christianity, but most importantly they are forced to live in sin.

"I wish your thinking were as worthy of your Christianity as it is of your logic: "Let service to me prevail over service to God. As long as my slaves serve me better, let them live and die in the service of the Devil"!"

Vieira encourages the slaves not to sell their souls even if it costs them their lives, because if their masters want something against their will, they have the right not to obey. The essential idea is that there is no forgiveness for selling your soul to the Devil, which will lead to one's own perdition in Hell for eternity.

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