Pagíd A Fictional Narrative

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I am going to be murdered today. Nothing else in the world matters anymore, I will never see anything past an hour. I will never get to get into Pagída. I will never know what it will feel like to be wanted by anyone other than my family. What is a good thing to do before you die? I mean it has to be memorable. For me at least, even though I won't be alive for long to remember it. I don’t know what I’m going to do though. I am not going to tell my parents. They don’t know yet, I don’t want them to know that their only child doesn’t have an element; because they are the greatest parents in the world. “Hey mom,” I yelled down our hallway “Dad!” “Yeah?” They both yelled back. “Can you come here?” I asked. They didn’t respond, but…show more content…
Wow. Not depressing at all. Thankfully I am last, but I also have to watch other people die; which is horrible. It’s not their fault they don’t have elements. The girl in front of me is shaking she’s so scared. I put my hand on her shoulder to calm her down. “Ow!” I yelp surprised, she shocked me. “Are you okay?” she asked me. “Are you?” I questioned “You’re the one that's shaking!” “Yeah.” she replied “But you’re the one that yelled.” “Never mind,” I laughed “Why are you here? You look 16, unless you’re really tall.” “I’m not supposed to be here.” She said angrily “But I know why I’m here. You’re lucky you don’t know the truth.” “What?” I started “What are you talking about?” “You should be glad you’re not getting your element.” She whispered “It’s dangerous.” ‘W-w-w” I didn’t even know what to say, I just kept stuttering. It might have sounded like I was a broken record She smiled sadly. “Bye.” A man grabbed her arm and dragged her to a secret room to die. “But…. What?” They left me there in confusion, until another man started to take my arm and drag me. I wiggled my arm out of his
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