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WESTMINSTER INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE Assignment: Managing Human Capital (Requirement for the module : 201405-MBAE1-MHC-Managing Human Capital) By : Vicknesh Krishnan The Pagan Medical Centre has seen marked progress in growth and success for the past 8 years of its establishment and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Started off as a small partnership between 3 doctors with just 5 nurses being hired, this centre has eventually grown to house 200 employees. The Director of this centre is the senior most doctor/founder among the three who initiated this partnership. This reflected a very centralized organizational structure. Centralization is the degree to which decision - making…show more content…
a set of practices aimed high commitment or high performance will benefit all organizations regardless of context. Hence, this approach will be integrated into the SOFT HR model to improve the current structure. The consultant sourced different standards which will support this restructuring and identified ISO 9001:2008 to be the best standard in this scenario. It highlights a systems and process approach to improve the organization performance with specific outcome like (a) meet customer’s quality requirement (b) meet applicable regulatory requirements and (c) achieve continuous improvement in its performance. All of these aim at preventing unsatisfactory performance and non-conformances. It can be said that the last decade in healthcare sectors were dominated by a number of factors which are increasing regulation, shrinking drug portfolios, dwindling pipelines, ageing populations, globalisation, advancing technology, spiralling costs and a worldwide need to increase access to healthcare services. Subsequently, the human capital requirements in this sector have become complex with market forces that are accelerating the pace of change. Pagan Medical Centre has realised that their current recruitment practice is not feasible to sustain the quality and efficiency of hires to match the standards of the growing healthcare market. The consultant, thus, has identified several key weaknesses in the current setting on this centre, namely: Hiring of

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