Paganism : A Culture Based On Reason, And Their Stories

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Introduction: I would like to begin by stating that when we are told about paganism we are often told a very cartoonish version of it. Pagans are presented as complete idiots, with physical gods riding horses with eight legs or chariots in the sky being pulled by goat men, etc. In order to understand paganism in an intelligent manner, and as our ancestors wished it to be understood you must unlearn everything you know, and remember that paganism was a culture based on reason, and their stories are hyperbole. In my opinion and the opinion of others who truly understand paganism it is obvious that the pagans told their stories in such a manner because they were a very artistic people, and could beautifully craft stories to pass on their knowledge of life to the next generation. They were not boring, or frigid such as intellectuals from our modern age.

The entire ritual is based around glory and heroism. This is most likely where the phrase dont speak ill of the dead comes from. They wished at that time for only the glory, heroism, and honor to survive after a person physically dies. If the person was all bad, then they would not speak of that person so no children or young adults take that person as a model and the bad qualities of that person hopefully disappear. The honorable person will survive forever! These stories were told to children who were yet to complete their initiation so that they could choose a person to emulate, or reincarnate as during their initiation. It

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