Paganism In Beowulf

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In the epic poem Beowulf the poem depicts the time in religious history where Christian and pagan beliefs were introduced to society. This poem was written in the time of the Anglo-Saxon period where pagan was the preferred religion. In later years as time gradually passed, Christianity became one of the more favored religions. Beowulf contains many elements of both religions. Though paganism was very popular throughout this poem, it showed a mixture of the two beliefs. These beliefs played a major role in the society of the seventh century, and these themes are still shown in today’s society. As students of literature we see that these universal themes of good and evil are not only evolving but also causing mankind to feud with one…show more content…
People are now able to protest and voice their opinion on how they believe. For example, in the article,“Pelosi condemns ‘violent actions’ of antifa protesters” protesters give a great representation of how our nation has turned vile. In some instances people view Nancy Pelosi as a pagan figure because of her broadcasts and background statements. Pelosi stated, “Our democracy has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public, no matter the ideology of those who commit such acts”(Weigel). In this statement it shows how even a pagan figure of today’s culture sees evil amongst us, and we should turn towards the good. She made this statement regarding to the Antifa, an anti-fascist racist militia. This group of cowards hide behind black clothing and masks. Just as in previous history people of the KKK hid behind white masks and clothing. If they didn’t have anything to fear, they wouldn’t hide. Our nation has turned into this. Our nation has gone back into pagan ideas of evil. This evil wants its own laws and ways with the world, and as the evil continues to progress it begins to brainwash the pure minds of humanity. My beliefs are affected by what happens in the world around me. However, when evil seems to persuade me to turn from Christianity to a non-believer I do not listen. I
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