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Table of Contents K&N’S BEEF BRAND 2 PEST ANALYSIS 2 Political Factors: 2 Economic Factors: 2 Social Factors: 3 Technological Factors: 3 PORTER’S FIVE FORCES MODEL 4 SWOT ANALYSIS OF K & N’S 4 Strengths: 4 Weaknesses: 5 Opportunities: 5 Threats: 6 TARGET MARKET AND SEGMENTATION 6 POSITONING 7 Perceptual Maps 7 Brand personality 8 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS 8 METRO: 8 CITY SUPER MART: 9 LOCAL BUTCHER SHOPS: 10 PRICING 15 PLACEMENT 18 PROMOTION 18 STORY BOARD OF OUR ADVERTIZEMENT: 20 Use of Red color in our Ad 23 Jingle 23 Analysis of Jingle: 24 Conclusion 24

Following a success in the poultry industry since 1964, K&N’s now takes its first step for a journey to reach to the highest
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* Animal based products are required for fulfilling protein and calcium requirements of the population on health grounds. For instance modernization of cities * Third in Pakistan the income elasticity of demand for meat has been greater than unit, implying that with rise per capita income, more than proportionate expansion in demand for animal based products is expected * Changes in consumption patterns induced by rural-urban migration and general development, For instance modernization of cities, introduction of concept of food streets in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, increase in number of hotels and restaurants in urban centre sec will also be expected to generate additional demand for animal based products. It is predicted that the demand and supply gap by 2020 of beef will be 2.31 million tones wile of mutton will be 1.47 million tons.
Technological Factors:
Opportunity for Pakistan to develop its international meat market exists. Pakistan will need to develop separate strategies for its bovine and sheep/goat meat exports.
Livestock are currently slaughtered in recognized/unrecognized slaughterhouses and on private premises. They are subject to limited official control by municipality staff. Lack of suitable slaughtering facilities and unsatisfactory techniques cause considerable losses in meat as well as invaluable by-products like blood, offal’s, hides and skins. Animals are
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