Page One: Inside The New York Times

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The debate over what differentiates a journalist from an activist becomes a difficult task when journalists or reporters take controversial risks in order to provide a story. David Carr describes that people’s motives generally determine if they are a journalist or an activist. In the video, Page One: Inside The New York Times, we get a glance into how media has changed the print industry. With this drastic switch, information now comes from all kinds of sources, making it easier for anyone to report stories. Sean Penn made a decision to reach out to the well-known and wanted Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, who has managed to escape from incarceration twice. Sean Penn had to take extreme measures in order to conduct these secret meeting with El Chapo. claimed that he would not be taking any payment for his journalism in order to convince El Chapo of his intentions.…show more content…
I believe that his actions were entirely journalistic and he was merely attempting to present a story that the public would never be exposed to if he did not go to extreme measures. I believe that the general public finds it interesting to learn more about criminals like El Chapo and, in this case, his seemingly humane side. It was especially captivating for me when El Chapo described his relationship with his mother as “perfect”. I would have assumed that El Chapo came from an unstable family in order for him to get into the drug business. Penn seemed primarily interested in how El Chapo became involved in the drug business and if he felt any responsibility for the drug epidemic. I believe that as a journalist, Penn’s responsibility was to ask questions that the general public would want to know and I believe he fulfilled that
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