Page One : Inside The New York Times By Andrew Rossi

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The onset of the recession in the United States more likely caused by the burst bubble of the housing market subprime loans in 2007 had a domino effect on major businesses here at home and around the world. The documentary, “Page One: Inside The New York Times” directed by Andrew Rossi, allows access to the inner struggles of The New York Times as it fights to stay alive amidst the collapse of other great news paper businesses. This documentary begins with several clips announcing the demise of significant newspapers that had been around for more than 100 years. One of them the Rocky Mountain News which was previously located in Denver, CO, published its last article in 2009. Brian Williams, NBC journalist for The Nightly News states “the obituary column these days is full of the death notices of American daily newspapers.” According to Sarah Ellison, former Media Reporter for the Wall Street Journal, “people are fascinated with the demise of this great institution.” Many are just waiting for The New York Times to be the next to claim bankruptcy and close its doors forever. Although the situation is grim,The New York Time monitors the changes closely through the Media Desk that it created in 2008 to report any changes in the media industry. Brian Stelter, Media Reporter for The New York Times is a new breed of journalist. He created an anonymous blog with news about television. Consequently, he captures the attention of The New York Times and is eventually hired.

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