Paid Paternal Leave

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1 The family perks

Finally, there are certain perks that attract to employees with families or those that are planning to start one in the near future. Family-related perks are popular because they allow employees to have the career of their dreams and have a family at the same time.

13. Paid maternal/paternal leave

Depending on the country you live, your rights might differ a great deal when it comes to work and having a family. While Finnish mothers are able to enjoy over 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, new mothers in the US aren’t in as strong legal position when it comes to paid maternity leave. What’s more, Finnish fathers also get up to six weeks of paid paternity leave, while again, the US dads are left for fighting for time-off. It’s no wonder than that parents in countries like the US are impressed if the company voluntarily offers paid maternal or paternal leave. It will ensure having a baby isn’t a financial liability and takes a bit of the stress away from starting a family.
A lot of companies have understood the value of paid maternal and paternal leave. Netflix is among the companies that provide up to 12 months of paid parental leave – for both mothers and fathers.

14. Childcare assistance

Parents also appreciate help after it’s time to
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The above 14 employee perks are popular, often more so than a pure salary increase. They are attractive because they help the employee succeed better at work and at home – they make life easier and happier. Therefore, companies should pay attention to employee satisfaction – happier employees are more productive. Perhaps more importantly, companies should understand that it isn’t just the paycheck that matters, proper perks can make the workplace seem attractive and help the employees feel passionate about the company and its
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