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To change the Caveman-like policy on paid time off (“PTO”) to the new unlimited PTO means to eliminate “vacation days” and “sick days” or a specific number of days given to employees to take off each year. Instead, company would allow employees to take as much as they need without being docked any pay. Before moving on to choosing the more suitable PTO policy, we do a research and analysis to have a better understanding about the new unlimited PTO policy.
On one hand, the new unlimited PTO policy has some advantages. First of all, this new PTO policy would let employees recharge. The unlimited PTO policy allows employees to schedule in week or two-week-long trips that might not be possible under traditional PTO policy that now is being
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The typical U.S. employee with paid vacation time took just a little more than half of his or her allowed time off in the previous 12 months, according to an April 2014 Harris survey conducted for Glass door. Just a quarter reported taking all the time off given to them, while 2 in 5 said they had taken 25 percent or less of their available time off (Milligan, 2015). For these employees, they may have the perception that when say “unlimited vacation”, it really means that there is “no vacation”.
Finally, the most serious and important thing is that using the unlimited PTO policy would have potential for employee abused. If an employee chooses to abuse the unlimited PTO policy, it can be difficult to terminate the employee for absence because he or she is technically allowed to take that time off. The possibility of employee abuse exists, but there are ways to curb it. For example, we can limit how much time off employees can take at once, implement companywide systems requiring preapproval of vacation time, and ensure fair and equal treatment across the board. Establishing and reviewing performance goals can also help mitigate this challenge (Unlimited, n.d.).
According to the analysis, I would suggest our company try the unlimited PTO policy. It seems that implementing the unlimited PTO would get more benefits than the traditional Caveman-like PTO policy.
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