Pain, Acute Pain And Chronic Pain

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Pain is an experience that involves both the mind and the body. It is an uncomfortable feeling that signals your brain that there may be something wrong with your body. Pain is an irritating and unpleasant sensory and emotional experience which may be caused by a damage in the tissues, one 's beliefs or thoughts, or environmental stressors such as one 's job or traffic. Pain is a significant stress both physically and emotionally. It may cause discomfort, distress or agony. It may be steady or throbbing. It maybe stabbing, aching or pinching.

In the past, many people thought that pain was a result of a damaged tissues. However now the researchers have come to find out that pain is an intricate process that might or might not include tissue damage and most likely involves social, psychological and emotional factors, which can either cause, increase, or decrease painful sensations.

There are two types of pain, acute pain and chronic pain.
Acute pain is a short- lasting pain, which can be easily described and observed. Acute pain begins suddenly and is a sharp pain. It 's a warning of a disease or a threat to the body. Acute pain might be just mild and may last for a moment, or it may be severe and last for weeks or months. Acute pain does not last longer than 6 months. If the pain lasts longer than 6 months than it may proceed on to chronic pain.

Chronic pain tends to affect a person’s whole life including a change in their personality, the activities they used to
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