Pain Management

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Please Join us for: Discussion on Pain Management DETAILS The aim of the hospice nurse is to make our end-of-life patients as comfortable as possible and to alleviate their pain. Unfortunately, however, pain control is very poorly addressed. The purpose of our meeting is to conduct a focus group that will brainstorm on a quality improvement plan, and a way to develop and evaluate the elements of a program that will more effectively address the issue of pain control. This program will be conducted within the format of the five P model: (1) Purpose (the purpose of the project will be focused on), (2) Patients (the discussion will be patient-oriented), (3) Professionals (professionals will be involved), (4) Processes (there will be an organized process) and, (5) Patterns (discussion will be on detected patterns). WHO - Nurses or caregivers who provide support for patients who are enrolled in a hospice either in a LTC or at home. WHEN - December, 02, Sunday, 2012 WHERE Hospital"¦.. WHAT WE HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH - A standardized set of measures for dealing with pain within the first 48 hours of patient admission to hospice SUMMARY The first 48 hours of pain analysis and treating the pain of the patient to the hospice (or end-of-life patient in any other stetting) are crucial. However, the patient may be unable to speak and articulate his pain, or may be able to inadequately express the symptoms. One of the major concerns for those who are at the end of life is

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