Pain Management : Pain And Pain

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What is pain, pain is an intensive feeling we feel when something distressing is happening to our body. Pain management is how we treat the pain that we feel in our body. In today hospitals care of patients the staff is becoming more judgmental toward patients with pain problems instead of treating the condition. Nurses and doctors are supposed to make patients feel comfortable about their treatments and not feeling like they are being judge for asking for pain medication. Being in pain and having to come to the hospital patients are vulnerable, and the last thing a patient wants is to be turn away because the staff doesn’t believe what is going on. My personal experience with pain management was having a doctor and nurse judge my situation because the assumptions of being somebody that I wasn’t. I came to the hospital because I was having lower severe abdominal pain with sever flank pain. I told the doctor and nurse that the pain was so bad it was making me sick. They had ask me to put urine in a cup when I did it was full of blood. The nurse and doctor ask me if I pricked my finger and poured the blood in myself. I was shock and humiliated. I ask for pain medication and the doctor prescribes some toradol and I told him, this medication normally doesn’t work for me. He got rude with me and told me there was nothing more he could do for me. I told him and the nursing staff I wasn’t being treated right, and they told me I could leave and go somewhere else. So that is what I
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